Method of Working.
First, for best view of this website, You need a screenresolution of 800x600 pixels, 
second You need Coronet.ttf & Arial Unicode True Type Fonts installed.
Download it here & save it in the Fonts directory from Your
Operating System, for example  C:\Windows\Fonts: 
Arialuni.tff & Coronet.tff on my server

It's not a must, my page is just designed on this. Keep in mind there is a 

separation between input & display of websites, thus if You have other settings,

mine will not apply to Yours.

This homepage contains the following: To start type this URL:

Most important directorys are:

1: htmltext

2: pictures

In htmltext You find for example this methode of working and almost all the textfiles I have written. If there belong an image to it, then the image is stored in: pictures. Almost means: Everything except the files considering all I adore:

3: adoratio

I like the name I have chosen for it. First You read adoration in it, but second You read ratio what in the Latin language means reason. That is how I choose my idol. First I look if there is something I want to adore then I look if there is a reason why I want to do so. I can tell You already now that this is an extremely selective proces. Then You are probable searching for the obligatory links to other sites:

4: bookmark

This directory has as point to start: mark0001.htm It divides my collected links in nine sections:

Sort of
ending on:
My FileName
autistic keyword autism markauti.htm
commercial .com/ markcomm.htm
educational .edu/ markeduc.htm
everyting else .countrycode/ markelse.htm
goverment .gov/ markgove.htm
only homepages /~username/ markhome.htm
netresources .net/ marknetr.htm
militairy .mil/ markmili.htm
organisations .org/ markorga.htm
Hit a button and You find on the following page a list of links from ftp to telnet. When available I used the original title to identify every link. Do You want to see an complete index of directorys and files?

It is all there... If You get a message like: The URL You requested has no DNS entry Then You are lucky if I found the official IP number and DomainName from that document. Therefore I putted on one of the first rules from these files a link to the file that contains all collected IP numbers:


Substitute the DomainName for the IP number and You get there in no time. I need to use a computer so I need to have a directory called: 

5: computer

In there are programs for all kinds of computing such as IBM-DOS, BASIC, LOTUS123 and HTML of course. I have made them mostly myself. They are structured by JSD, what stands for: Jackson's Structured Development I advise everybody who wants to program to read a book about it. Then I have a special directory for my friends who want to see their documents on Internet:

6: forguest

 If You wish You may request me to put Your HTML- or PLAINTEXT-file on my page. It must be less then 10000 characters and I have to aprove the contents of Your document. I keep for guests a total amount of 100000 characters reserved so there could be more then ten guestsfiles. Finally I want to notify that every page I make will end with two links who can occur in different appearances but doing always this:

The before last link pointing to an emailpage where You find buttons to write an email to somebody or to me directly or to get server-services. The last link is points always to a page I choose as best next page for You to go to. Following next buttons leads You in a guided tour through all the pages I have put on stack for You. 

Beware, watch out! It is possible that You access so called meta-files! These have in common that they are automaticaly link forward to the next page after a certain period of time if You do nothing. Well, seems ok, is it not? Beware, watch out! These meta-files have an other common ingredient: They are put into a loop if You do nothing! Call them screensavers!!! Doing anything on Your browser will stop this proces and give You time to find the switch to another page.

I want to write EMAIL